Calendar Creator

Calendar Creator

Calendar Creator

The Calendar Creator is an easy to use tool to create your own calendars to sell or give away.

The calendar is 100% mesh, and is only half a prim for the Land Impact. It includes five texture faces, two of which are controlled by an included calendar script. The calendar is configured by notecard, just include the UUID’s of the pictures you want each month, and the script handles the rest. Even the month grid is controlled by the same notecard, so there is no need to purchase this again in future years. Just create your own calendar grid images, or purchase a pre-created grid for the current year. The choice is yours.


  • Individual Image for each month of the year
  • Individual Image for each calendar month (day grid)
  • Single Image for the back of the calendar
  • Single Image for the logo in the center of the calendar.
  • Menu change for the months of the year.
  • Give Landmark when clicking on the logo.

User Licensed:

  • The calendar cannot be sold as full permissions.
  • You are allowed to distribute with modify permissions, although this is discouraged.
  • You can either distribute as copy or transfer, but not both.
  • Rename the calendar and include your own images.

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