Monterey Beach Home Review

Today, Darkwatch Creations was honored to have Uma Imago of the blog “Around the Corner” release her review the Monterey Beach House. It was a wonderfully done review of one of my favorite home designs.  She has reviewed many wonderful homes from several different creators in Second Life. It certainly was an honor to have been included in her reviews.

You can read her review here. Don’t forget to read her other reviews as well and enjoy all the talent that Second Life has to offer.


Gift Cards and Store Logo

TD Creations Logo

TD Creations Logo

The next step has been taken. Gift cards, in the amounts of L$100, L$250, L$500, and L$1000 are now available. This is being done in anticipation of the next set of products that I will be releasing. I am hoping to get two or three more products listed this week.

I have also decided on a store logo. If you know me, you know my “theme” is Alice in Wonderland. I have decided to extend that theme to my store logo. I have spent today updating the ads for the Rainbow Bangles, the vendors, and the group information to include the new logo. The logo is also displayed quite prominently on the gift cards as well.

Despite the madness, things are starting to come together.

TD Creations Now Open

TD Creations is now open for business. I have opened my store and added the first product. Other products will be following in the upcoming days. Setting this up for the first time is a very large undertaking, so please be patient as I work through the process.

The TD Creations Main Store inside of Second Life can be found here:

The Second Life Marketplace Store can be found here:

Of course, the Trasee Darkwatch Creations blog is available for product and service news and information.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me through the blog or send me a message in Second Life.